Genesis Tablet is a non-invasive blood glucose meter.  A finger placed into the non-
invasive finger clip sensor starts the 60 second test.

In 60 seconds the test results are known - no test strips or lancets needed which
means significant reduction in pain and testing costs while increasing accuracy .

All data is recorded on the attached and included Tablet. Genesis Tablet may be
used by up to nine independent, individual users, each with their own test history of
the following parameters:

  •    Blood glucose (BGL)
  •    Oxygen saturation (SPo2).
  •    Hemoglobin measurement (Hb).
  •    Blood Flow Velocity
  •    Pulse

This ability to provide blood glucose test results for up to 9 independent persons,
makes the Genesis Tablet, ideal for a large family of diabetics, or a closely connected
group of diabetics who need to test regularly.

Not having to use a disposable test strips results in significant savings for a family who
would otherwise need to use the disposable test strips, one for each family member at
least twice per day.

The US$2,495.00 list price, for the Genesis Tablet (which includes the external sensor),
makes the cost cheaper than 1 year of testing for three members in same family using
traditional lancet/test strip/glucose meter testing three times per day.

Beyond the price savings, the painless but more accurate test results makes this the
answer to a significant problem for a diabetic group.
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