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Elpis Genesis@US$83/mo x 24mo
Genesis 1.1
In the Beginning...
Elpis Genesis is offering an incremental way to migrate from invasive BG testing to Non-Invasive Genesis BG
testing by subscribing for an
Elpis Genesis. The program involves paying a fixed monthly fee, for a duration of
24 months after which the
Genesis is paid and you own the Genesis.

This installment program is handled through Paypal, where each month buyer will automatically be billed a fixed
amount of US$83.00, to their Paypal selected payment method (credit card or Paypal balance in user's account).

Because of the high value of the
Elpis Genesis tester, we require that an initial pre-payment of 8 months of
installment payments be made as a security deposit. During those first 8 months, the deposit will be applied
towards the monthly subscription fee of US$83 per month, and on the 9th month, the $83 will start being
charged again to the subscriber's Paypal account until the completion of the 24 month subscription.

This subscription program effectively makes the monthly cost of the
Genesis, less than the monthly cost for
Invasive testing using test strips 3 times per day. Graphic below excerpted from an exhaustive study published
NCBI that arrived at the average cost for a test strip using the Invasive method.

Genesis there is no charge to perform a test (no supplies or pain) so testing more than 3 times per day
is no extra cost (we have users testing 8 times per day, because it's painless and they can).

Genesis can become far superior to the Invasive testing method, is if within a single household there
were more than one person testing themselves daily, and there is a simple standard by that defines whether a
person is metabolically healthy: Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) which is a person's Glucose reading 8 hours after
their last meal (usually tested in the morning before breakfast). Outside the normal range defined by the World
Health Organization (WHO) of 5 - 6 mmol/L (90 - 108 mg/dL), is a sign of a potential problem:

Elpis Genesis (Bluetooth version) which works with any Smartphone (Android or iOS) can support up to 90
separate user accounts. So if within a household (or close-knit community), there were many people testing
their Fasting Blood Glucose daily, the effective savings is huge, but more importantly, by detecting an increase
in FBG early on, a small and inexpensive change in the diet or exercise program can prevent something more
serious (diabetes or cancer) from becoming a problem.

So if you'd like to subscribe to an Elpis Genesis at a cost of US$83 per month with the first 8 months as
deposit, click on the link below, enter the number of units you'd like and upon answering the Paypal questions,
Elpis Genesis will be given your details and device can be sent to you.