Genesis User Instructions
The following information is to help you in operating the Genesis. The device is not difficult to operate once you are familiar with the device.
Contents in the Box
Carrying Pouch
   Genesis Tester
USB Charging Cable
Rear View
Top View
On/Off switch
Reset hole
USB charging port
At the back are three slots

Gray button is the on/off switch
Middle hole is the reset
Rightmost port to insert USB charging cable.
A “Power-On” Blue Light indicator is located at the bottom in the photo (right side when viewing from the front of device).
The “Bluetooth On” indicator is located at top in the photo (left side of the device when viewing from the front of device)
“Power On” Blue light
“Bluetooth Connected”            will flash Blue light
Charge the Genesis by inserting the charging cable into the device USB charging port and the other end to a standard USB power source (battery, computer, external charger).
The initial charge should be overnight. The Genesis you received has been charged previously for testing. Under regular usage, a fully-charged Genesis will run for several weeks before needing recharging.  After each Glucose Test, the results will also show the amount of battery power remaining. and no need to recharge until battery power remaining drops below 10%.